Carpenter Model High Backs (OPEN for BETA TESTING)

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Stability. Leverage. Control. High Back Footpads, a OneWheel accessory built for trail riding and improved control in snow (particularly downhill).

Introducing the OverLander Series HighBacks, best paired with our OverLander Lifters. Although a beta product, the price is required to sustain the corresponding materials and production. In addition, we ask that you pay for shipping. In turn for your participation in the OverLander System HighBack Beta Testing Program, you will be eligible to receive a discount of up to 75% upon official product release, based on level of engagement in the Beta Testing Program. We ask that you provide feedback, post your experiences with video/graphic content on social media platforms, answer a questionnaire now and again, and please remain in contact with us.

If you’ve selected Front & Rear, please be prepared to provide an old front footpad for modification in a fixed stance, or wait a bit longer than for just the rear, as extra work (and testing) is involved due to sensors.

Footpads provided by us may be any combination of flat, curved, concave, wood, metal, cork, foam, rubber, pleather or any other material. HighBacks and baseplates will consist of injection molded plastics and metal alloys, could be several connected components or few, and may or may not be entirely proprietary. You may receive a demo set of Lifters to test in addition (fyi, demo sets are scarce).

Timeframe for delivery: as early as end of Jan and as late as end of summer. If you live in snowy terrain and would like to test on downhill slopes/ski resort runs, please let me know so I can deliver during winter, and please be aware of resort rules for before, after, and during open hours.

We will contact you with a questionnaire before we ship, and will remain available and in contact throughout the duration of the Beta Testing Program.

Please note, all beta shipments will require return for QA and product integrity assessment, with return shipping covered by us, bearing in mind that you will receive a discount on the final product.

•Terms and conditions are subject to change. Release of Liability signature required.•

While supplies last!