Titanium Wide Lifters for XR/Plus with extended footpads

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Made to be indestructible with Grade 5 (6AL-4V) Titanium, and TPU pads. This game-changing addition has been said to deliver a brand new riding experience on  the trails and in the park, on the ski slopes or the beach, or just around town. Improve your stability, jumper farther than ever, maximize your carve-ability, seek and reach the full potential of your ability!

THIS MODEL IS DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY TO ACCOMMODATE EXTENDED FOOTPADS such as The Float Life Kush Wide, Land-Surf Platypus Wide, Craft&Ride Onetail+ Extreme (Extended). It will mount fine with non-extended footpads as well. This model may not clear the ground when dragging tail or when the board is in resting position, depending on your bumper/float plate setup. Due to the nature of the material, drag is a nonissue. Please note that titanium drag can create sparks in certain, though unlikely, scenarios.

• set of Lifters

 set of Lifter Pads

 four 10-32 7/8" Lifter mounting bolts (1" or 1-1/8" bolts required with certain bumpers)

 six M4 x 0.7 x 5mm bolts to mount the Lifter pads to the Lifters

 two pieces of 1" x 6" Grip Tape for mounting inside vertical wall of Lifters (apply after installing Lifters with pads on the board to ensure proper placement)

 OverLander Lifter Canvas Carrying Bag

 OverLander Dog Tags

 Sticker bag

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